Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Discovering the medicinal herbs in Val d'Orcia

Interesting initiative combining a beautiful walk in Valdorcia 
with learning about local wild herbs and their use in medicine

On Sunday August 20th
The meeting point is in Bagno Vignoni 
in front of the Herbalist's shop at 10AM. 

The event is free of charge. 
Info and reservation to

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The good century of Sienese art

The good century of Sienese art is one of the more important cultural initiative of 2017.
It finally introduces the idea of a "widespread" exhibition not limited to a museum but rather part of an itinerary among three beautiful towns considered gems of art and architecture: Montepulciano, Pienza and San Quirico.

Madonna with baby Jesus and Saint Leonard e Sebastian
painted by Bartolomeo Neroni called "Il Riccio"
Palazzo Chigi in San Quirico

From the exhibition website: "The idea of this original exhibition came about in order to rectify such a severe shortcoming. The towns of Montepulciano, San Quirico d’Orcia and Pienza are each going to host a section of the exhibition dedicated to an important artist from the area and to his environment, inspired by a masterpiece already present in the towns. Each sector also envisages an itinerary to discover other works as significant as those on display but which, for various reasons, have remained in their original locations. This solution enables the ideal completion of the visit with the added value of travelling around and discovering a splendid and magnificently preserved land. All the works on show come from prestigious public and private collections, churches and other religious institutions, the aim being to offer visitors as thorough a vision as possible of a great century which has been unjustly forgotten."

From 18 March to 30 June from Monday to Sunday 1030h to 1830h (Tuesday closed)
The entrance ticket for the three locations costs 12 euro.
Montepulciano, Pienza and San Quirico are the three location where the exhibition is located

Further info on the official website:

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mobility in Montepulciano

Montepulciano is a small town but given its geography its quite hard to climb its steep streets.
Luckily there is a service of public transportation supplied by a small bus nicknamed "Pollicino"
These orange buses run loops around the town and its suburbs and are especially handy to lift you up from the lower parts of the town to the top of the hill.

how the bus Pollicino looks like

There are several stops along the main streets which take the name from major places.
Here the maps of all stops

You can by the hourly ticket at the price of 1,10 EUR from local shops (i.e bar) and online trough this website:
You need to sign up first so you can easily pay online anytime you need a ticket and receive it on your email. You need either to print it or carry the electronic format on your device (phone, ipad etc).
Unfortunately the website is only in Italian but you can see the below picture how to set the website to buy a single ticket (valid for 60 min)

You can also buy a daily ticket (select BIGLIETTO GIORNALIERO) or a montly ticket (select ABBONAMENTO MENSILE). At the present is not possible to get weekly or weekend ticket.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Montepulciano does not slow down in winter. This is the best time of the year for unique activities Here some of our favorite!


forget the gloomy winter scenario, Tuscany hills region can offer splendid days with dramatic views like the one below.  Brisk morning walks will reward you with the beauty of the landscapes, dramatic skies, great pictures and a good excuse to indulge with another winter treat: food!

Winter Montepulciano landscape
view of the hills and valleys in a typical winter morning from Montepulciano


OK cherry season is over but for the foodies visiting this part of Tuscany may be even better as it is the only time of the year where you can get some delicatessen. Truffles first but also mushrooms and venison, turnip greens (with sausages), kale (in Ribollita soup), boar (stewed with olives) and the omnipresent freshly-pressed olive oil (bruschetta!). All restaurants in Montepulciano are open during November and December months and boasting best season recipes. Some will close for annual vacation between mid January and mid March but there is always plenty of choice within and outside the town.

lightly cured beef with tartufo bianco (winter white truffle)



from the end of November to the beginning of January, every weekend in Montepulciano is cheered up with a lovely Christmas market with lights, stalls selling season and local produces, music, mulled wine... and all this set in a beautiful Renaissance background, what more! Oh by the way, even Santa left the Pole to settle in the city Fort. (More info on:

Piazza grande and surrounding streets with festive lights and wooden stalls



most of the town's restaurants design a special "capodanno menu" with their best recipes, needless to say to reserve well in advance. After dinner everyone gather in the main square by the gigantic bonfire (lit from the afternoon) to share wine, dance and wishes for the new year.

the bonfire in Montepulciano is lit in the 31 December and lasts 24h


need to recover after the festivities or simply wish to treat yourself plunging in healthy mineral-rich water heated by mother-earth? Well just pick up one of the many hot-spring pool and Spas near Montepulciano. Enjoy a cold sunset or a rainy day in swimming wear.

Rapolano terme, one of the many open hot spring of the region

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Autumn Fair in Montepulciano


Sunday the 16 th of October 2016

in Piazza Don Minzoni, Giardini di Poggiofanti and Via di Gracciano nel Corso (the lower end of Montepulciano) there will be the fabulous annual autumn market selling all kinds of typical local products and season speciality. From 9 am on.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Six runs over three days in Montepulciano


The programme begins on Friday the 30 th of September at 9.30 p.m., with “Lumediluna”, a non-competitive urban trail over a distance of about 8 kilometres, starting and finishing in Piazza Grande, winding through Montepulciano old town and the immediate vicinity.

Anyone can run or walk among the Renaissance buildings and beautiful panoramic locations, open by night, overlooking Valdichiana and Valdorcia, for a noble cause, with the event taking place a week before Breast Cancer Prevention Week. All those who register will be given a pink T-shirt, the symbol of the campaign, which they must wear for the event, forming a pink wave to draw attention  to theneed for a widespread commitment to fight breast cancer. The initiative has been developed in  collaboration with the local health department, USL 7 – Oncology Department of the United  Hospitals of Valdichiana.

Saturday the 1 st of October, Piazza Sant’Agnese is the starting point for “Nobilipassi”, a trail  covering about 5,5 km, stopping off at wineries that make Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. An  excursion organised for groups of 50 people, each accompanied by two guides, which, after several  tastings, will culminate in a meal featuring local cuisine and specialities. The route pays tribute to this  special product in the year of its fiftieth anniversary, which will be celebrated on the 7 th and 8 th of October.

Registrations for the following day’s events will be open in the afternoon, and participants will be invited to the pasta-party offered at Montepulciano Stazione from 7.30 p.m.

Sunday the 2 nd of October will be the most intense day of Montepulciano Run. At 9.30 a.m., the two competitive races, “Laquattordici” and “Laventicinque” (the first over 14 km and the second over 25), and the “Montepulcianonfoot”, a non-competitive event covering 10 km for runners and Nordic walkers, will set off simultaneously from Montepulciano Stazione and Piazza Grande.  

All four itineraries will end in Piazza Grande, where the runners and walkers will find refreshments  and the prizes will be awarded. A shuttle bus service will guarantee the return to Montepulciano  Stazione. With the exception of “Nobilipassi”, it is possible to register for every event until 30  minutes before the start.

Further info: – Tel. +39 349 0094012
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Wednesday, August 3, 2016



From August 6 to 28, in the Fortress, Nobil Ebbrezza: an art contest and an art exhibition. Opening
hours daily from 10 am to 12.30 am and from 3.30 pm to 7 pm . Free admission The inauguration
will take place on August 6 to 18


On Sunday, 7 August, in Piazza Grande, celebrations for the Festival of the Patron Saint of the
Contrada of San Donato also feature a contest reserved to young flag-wavers and drummers, open to
the children of all contradas aged up to 14 years. Big party and dinner in the Piazza Grande.


From Friday 5 to Sunday 7 August, Threshing Festival in the village of Valiano. Historical re-
enactment of the threshing process, and gastronomic events with menus typical of the ancient rural
society of the Val di Chiana.


From Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 August, in Valiano, celebrations for the Festival of San Lorenzo,
and the classic Calici di Stelle (Goblets of Stars). Numerous activities including gastronomic events.
ADS Gruppo Sportivo La Rocca (Sports Association) – For info: tel. +39 0578 724242


On Wednesday, 10 August, the historical town centre hosts “Calici di Stelle”, an itinerant tasting of
Vino Nobile and Vino Rosso di Montepulciano wines, with dinners in the contradas, live music in
the streets and in Piazza Grande, performances by flag-wavers and drummers, shows and a small
outdoor market on Via Ricci. – Tel. +39 0578 717484


Every evening from Friday 12 to Monday 15 August, starting at 9.15 p.m. in Piazza Grande, there is
the Bruscello, a community performance in which numerous actors and singers take part, clad in
period costumes, and with a large orchestra. This year’s title – Brav├Čum – is almost preparatory to the
other great event held on the last Sunday of the month. The show is both touching and fun, and is
staged in a unique setting – the Piazza – surrounded by historical Renaissance palazzos. For info: – tel. +39 0578 758529

The beautiful setting of Piazza Grande during the Bruscello performance

The complete and updated list of all events is available in the “events” section of the website